How to sell on Flipkart – A guide to become Flipkart Seller

Gone are the days when individuals would visit a physical store to buy garments, clothes, digital accessories, jewellery or some other items. With customer’s radical move of enthusiasm towards online shopping, sellers are a very little behind in setting up their E-trade store. Here you get complete step by step guide how to sell on Flipkart

Making an online business site with extravagant hues, dynamic pictures and attractive offers aren’t adequate to attract customers into the conversions. Customers are everywhere yet you should be noticeable to them. One of the least demanding and adequate methods for doing it is, selecting your business in the most settled online marketplaces. This will most likely give you an astounding measure of customers in a matter of moments. For each buy from the customer, a predefined measure of the commission is commonly charged by the marketplace. A tutorial video on how to sell in flipkart also available at end of this article.

Why Sell on Flipkart?

Listing your items to sell on Flipkart without a doubt give you more visibility and likelihood of getting prospect customers. Online business marketplace is one of the different multiple monetization options. So as to enrol in the marketplace, you will require a few of the mandatory documents.

Flipkart is the perfect stages for new vendors to launch their internet business ventures. Flipkart has made it simpler for newbies and established traders to sell items on the web. As there is substantial traffic on online marketplaces, you have an incredible chance to take your online business to a good level. Online Marketplaces enable you to list items and after that nominal commission will be charged on vendors on every deal you make.

Most of us know Flipkart as an online shopping website that offers all the products we desire for. We buy our favourite things, rather things that attract us at the very first site from this website that sells products online. But how many of us know that Flipkart is more than that. Flipkart is a business proposition beyond comparison. Let us have a detailed look at how to become a seller on Flipkart. We are sure the below information will act as a guide to grow your business with Flipkart.

Who can Sell on Flipkart?

Flipkart marketplace is India’s driving stage for selling online. Be it manufacture, seller or supplier, simply sell your products online on Flipkart and turn into a best eCommerce player with least investment. Through a group of experts offering exclusive seller workshops, preparing, seller support and advantageous seller entryway, Flipkart focuses on teaching and enabling sellers across India.

In addition! It has outsider E-commerce Service Providers’ who give logistics, classifying support, product photograph shoot and packing materials. a Seller Protection Program to safeguard sellers from losses through compensation from Seller Protection Fund (SPF). We give Flipkart Fulfillment services through which you can ensure faster conveyance of your items, quality check by our experts and awesome bundling. Join these with fastest payments in the industry and an incredible seller entry. No big surprise Flipkart is India’s most loved spot to sell online. Selling on is easy and absolutely free. All you need is to register, list your product and start selling your products.

What Document required to become a seller with Flipkart?

Anyone who wants to become a seller on Flipkart needs to meet some basic documentation requirements insisted by Flipkart. Documentation adherence is one of the basic eligibility criteria to sell your products on Flipkart. The following are the documents that one needs to produce to Flipkart to become its seller.

For Sole Proprietor firm

  • PAN Card – Individual
  • GST – Individual
  • Bank Account number saving can work
  • Documents for Identification proof
  • Documents for Address Proof
  • Cancelled Cheque leaf (belonging to the bank account number provided)
  • Signature
  • Valid Email Id
  • Valid Phone Number

For LLP/Private Limited company

  • PAN Card – Company Pan Card
  • GST – Company GST
  • Bank Account number current account
  • Documents for Identification proof
  • Documents for Address Proof
  • Cancelled Cheque leaf (belonging to the bank account number provided)
  • Signature
  • Valid Email Id
  • Valid Phone Number

The process of registration to become an approved seller on Flipkart

While adherence to documentation requirements is the first step to sell on Flipkart online stores, the next step is to initiate the Registration Process.

How to sell on Flipkart - A guide to become Flipkart Seller

  • Fill in the online Seller Registration Form available in the Flipkart seller site
  • Provide all details asked for in the form with genuine details. Some information that might be asked in the form are
    • Name of the Seller
    • Store Name
    • Registered Mobile Number
    • Mail ID to be contacted
    • Nature of the current business
    • Specific categories of product to be sold through Flipkart
  • Flipkart will send a small amount to the bank account provided for the verification.

Approximate approval time

  • Once documentation requirements are satisfied and the seller Registration Form is submitted, a minimum of 2-3 days is required for Flipkart to process your details.
  • If you satisfy all the requirements of Flipkart you will be intimated about the approval within 7 days so you can sell your products online in Flipkart India


Cost of operations to sell with Flipkart

Flipkart charges its approved sellers on certain aspects while some services are offered free of cost. Let us have a look at the charged and free of cost services.

  • Registration is free of charge
  • Flipkart does not charge its sellers for listing their products on the site
  • 5/- is the fixed closing cost for all items whose value is from Rs. 0-500/-
  • 10/- is the fixed closing cost for all items whose value is from Rs. 500/- -1000/-
  • 30/- is the fixed closing cost for all items whose value is above Rs.1000/-
  • Selling commission paid by the customer for every item it sells
  • Shipping charges based on weight and location
  • Applicable Service Tax

Flipkart market place takes care of product pick up from the sellers who need to keep them packed. Sellers get paid by Flipkart between 7 to 15 days through Bank Transfer.

Everyday number of complaints are arising by the consumers, so marketplaces are getting stricter day by day. So, Sellers should follow the marketplace guidelines and sell original and good quality products, don’t break any rules or your account might get suspended and never reinstated. Above all, be honest and do ethical business.


Selling with Flipkart Tutorial Video


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